3 Count: 23.8 Percent

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1: Quarter of World Internet Traffic Involves Copyright Theft, NBC Claims

First off today, an NBC-commissioned study by Envisional found that nearly a quarter of all Internet traffic is copyright infringing. According to the report, 23.8% of all Web traffic is infringing, about half of which is from Bittorrent (11.39%) and another 5.12 percent comes from cyberlocker sites. Unlawful streaming, however, only made up 1.42% of traffic in the study. NBC is using the study to call for greater improvements in copyright enforcement online, saying that such levels of unlawful activity would not be allowed in other businesses.

2: Government to Rethink Digital Economy Act’s Web Blocks

Next up today, a provision of Britain’s Digital Economy Act will be getting a closer look by OFCOM, the organization in charge of oversight of it. Following a flood of complaints about the practicality fo blocking sites that are solely for copyright infringement, OFCOM has promised to evaluate how to best carry out that part of the law and see if they have the “right tools” available. No word on when that evaluation will be complete.

3: U.S. Resume Controversial File-Sharing Domain Seizures

Finally today, the U.S. government has seized the domain for Rojadirecta, a Spanish sports streaming and P2P site that was known for streaming games from popular U.S. sports leagues. The site is a controversial choice because Spanish courts had twice declared it to be legal and, other than the .org domain, there was no connection with the U.S. Still, the domain has been seized and is redirecting to a notice from Immigration and Customs Encorcement. The site is still up and running at other domains.


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