3 Count: No Soliciting

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1: Will New Solicitor General Take Harder Line On Copyright?

First off today, the Obama administration has asked entertainment attorney Donald Verrilli to serve as Solicitor General, the Federal government’s top attorney. Verrilli is best known for representing media interests both in the Grokster case, which he argued before the Supreme Court and in the Jammie Thomas case, where he defended the high damage awards in the case. As the nation’s representative before the Supreme Court, he may hold major sway over which cases the court hears and how they rule.

2: ‘Hacked’ Solicitor Quits Pursuit of File Sharers

Next up today, embattled UK solicitor Andrew Crossley, from the controversial law firm ACS:Law, has announced his quitting representing MediaCAT, a client he and his company had been representing as part of a campaign to compel settlements out of alleged file sharers. Crossley, according to his filings, has said that he has been the subject of threats and hacks due to his involvement in the case, including the famous email hack that resulted in thousands of his messages being posted online. The case, however, may continue with a different attorney.

3: 100 Internet Users Responsible for Most Unlawful Copyright P2P File Sharing Content

Finally today, a study by Spain’s Carlos III University of Madrid found that a few as 100 people may be responsible for some 67% of the unlawful content on major public P2P file sharing service. The study also found that the primary motivation for those high-end sharers appears to be profit, usually by using P2P networks to advertise their sites. Though the study is older, originally published in mid-2010, and most of the data hails from 2008-2010, it may be an indication as to the future direction of the fight against piracy, both in the courts and in legislatures across the world.


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