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1: Big Content to ICANN: Make it Easier for us to Challenge Domain Suffixes

Next up today, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the group which is responsible for domain extensions (IE: “.com” and “.net”) is in the process of revising its rules for the creation and objection to new extensions. One of the proposed rule changes would make it more difficult for someone to object to a new extension on the grounds that it might be a detriment to the rights of a community, something the RIAA and other big content parties have now strongly opposed to. They’ve said the new standard creates an “ultra high bar” for such matters and is seeking to have the policy changed back to its original language, which was much easier. ICANN has not responded to the letter that made the request.

2: File-Sharing Operators Hit With Big Fines, Jail Sentences

Next up today, in Finland, two operators of a 50 TB file sharing hub have been ordered to pay over $1 million damages and sentenced to a 7 month suspended jail term for their actions. The two claimed that the hub was set up for “discussion” but the judge ruled they knew what was going on and were liable. The hub, known as Sarah’s Secret Chamber, reportedly had some 1,600 members, most of whom had shared copyright infringing content as a prerequisite of membership.

3: Music Industry Working on Global Copyright Database

Finally today, the music industry is reportedly working on a global music licensing registry for written music to streamline the licensing process across the world and, hopefully, enable new legitimate services to enter into this field. Referred to as a global repertoire database (GRD), the industry hopes that having such a global database will save some 100 million per year in administration fees, savings that can then be passed directly on to songwriters and the industry. Currently, such licensing is handled on a country-by-country basis, creating a mess of different companies and schemes that handle licensing. The music industry is also working on a similar system for recorded music.


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