3 Count: Epic Heroes

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1: Cuba Accuses Google’s YouTube of Censorship

First off today Cuba is accusing YouTube of censorship after the video sharing site took Cuba’s official video channel online, citing copyright infringement claims. According to YouTube, they received multiple copyright complaints regarding the account and, as according to their policy, shut it down. Specifically, YouTube cited infringement dealing with a recent video about former CIA agent Luis Posada Carriles, who was recently on trial in the US for immigration fraud. Cuba responded saying that “If Cubadebate (their account) is violating copyright then you have to shut down all of Youtube because it is the mecca of internet piracy.”

2: League of Epic Heroes Removed From App Store After Copyright Claim

Next up today, the popular iPhone game “League of Epic Heroes” has been removed from the App Store following a claim by QCF Design, which claim the game is too similar to their upcoming release “Desktop Dungeons”. Heroes was written by solo coder Eric Ferraro, who admitted that Desktop Dungeons was his inspiration for the game. The two sides had apparently tried to work out some kind of arrangement but were unable to resolve their differences, prompting QCF to file a takedown notice.

3: I Can Has Copyright Law: Ben Huh of the Cheezburger Network Talks About the Internet and Copyright

Finally today, Ben Huh, owner of the Cheeseburger network of sites, which includes “I Can Has Cheeseburger” and “Failblog” sat down with Eric Perrott from American University spoke on a panel at World’s Fair Use day to discuss copyright. What followed, according to article author Eric Perrott, was a series of contradictions about the nature of copyright law that shows just how complex these issues are. Among the contradictions were, on one hand, a desire to to completely scrap U.S. copyright law but, on the other, an acknowledgement that the DMCA takedown system, overall, works well. Thanks to Eric Perrott for the correction to this article!


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