3 Count: Kneecap

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1: Judge Kills Massive P2P Porn Lawsuit, Kneecaps Copyright Troll

First off today, hot on the heels of setbacks for the U.S. Copyright Group, the Adult Copyright Company, a similar mass-litigation copyright firm representing pornography producers, has had seven of its mass lawsuits tossed out of a West Virginia court. The judge in the case ruled that it is improper to enjoin all the defendants simply because they used the same file sharing software and that the lawsuits would have to be filed separately and only those who were likely from the area could be refiled in that court. This is a major setback for the group that could, feasibly, bring an end to the mass litigation tactics, at least barring a major change in the law or a victory on appeal.

2: More Copyright Lawsuits Filed over Review-Journal ‘Death Ray’ Graphic

Next up today, Righthaven, the group which has sued website owners on behalf of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, as well as other papers now, has been very active in suing over reuse of its Vdara “Death Ray” graphic, which shows how a building’s curved surface reflects sunlight to create hotspots on the ground. Four more webmasters were sued for the graphic, following several others. This brings the total sued by Righthaven to 192.

3: Fake Barbie Dolls Seized At Border

Finally today, the U.S. Border Patrol has seized some 141 cartons of fake Barbie and similar dolls, valued at about $61,000. The dolls were found on a truck crossing into the country at the San Luis border crossing with Mexico. The dolls are originally thought to have come from China.


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