3 Count: Bieber Justice

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1: Justin Bieber Swears Off YouTube For Facebook, Unwittingly Steps In Copyright Minefield

First off today, pop musician Justin Bieber swore off YouTube after he attempted to upload his new music video for the song “Pray” only to find his upload blocked at the request of his label UMG. This prompted Bieber to then upload the video to his Facebook page, which has different limitations on uploads, and tweet his frustrations, prompting a response from YouTube saying it was between him and his label. The song, which appeared officially on the VEVO channel, remains blocked in Bibers account though the two seem to have patched things up with Bieber saying that “@vevo and @youtube got me right now”, whatever that means.

2: Judge Issues Rulings in Estate’s Superhero Battle

Next up today, the judge in the ongoing dispute between Jack Kirby’s estate and Marvel has issued a ruling and the news is mixed for the company. Kirby’s estate, which filed some 45 copyright terminations for Kirby’s work at Marvel, which could impact the X-Men, Ironman and much more, avoided having its counterclaims thrown out, meaning the judge may still rule the terminations to be valid, but did lose its chance to force Marvel to account for how much money is at stake as the judge felt it was premature. The judge also ruled that Disney, which purchased Marvel shortly after the complaints were filed, will be a party to the lawsuit as they are in a position to exploit Marvel’s intellectual property.

3: China Cracks Down On Software Piracy

Finally today, in an attempt to crack down on software piracy, China has said that it will be auditing all computers in local and central governments to ensure that they are only using genuine software. This comes as the Business Software Alliance has estimated a growth in global piracy and pointed the finger at China, as well as Brazil and India, for much of the jump.


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