3 Count: Catching Up

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1: LimeWire’s File Sharing Halted by Injunction

First off today, as we get caught up from over a week away, the popular file sharing service Limewire has been forced to close due to an injunction shutting down critical parts of their business. The company had already been found liable for copyright infringement in its case against the RIAA and the move was widely expected. Limewire shut off access to its users by activating a “kill switch” it had updated into its users systems thus letting them turn off the application.

2: Ministry of Sound Suspends Filesharing Action

Next up today, the Ministry of Sound in the UK suffered a setback as it has been forced to suspend its anti-filesharing action in the country after ISP BT deleted the information of some 20,000 suspected infringers it had previously promised to maintain. BT had previously gotten an injunction barring the Ministry of Sound and its law firm ACS:Law from obtaining the names but had agreed to preserve them until the matter could be handled in court. However, the ISP notified all parties involved that they had failed to do so. The Ministry of Sound has promised to press on with its campaign.

3: MP3tunes: iTunes Will Benefit if We Win Copyright Case

Finally today, Michael Robertson, the founder of MP3Tunes.com and Sideload.com, has filed for a summary judgement in his case against EMI, which accused his companies of enabling copyright infringement. Sideload.com, an MP3 search engine and MP3Tunes, a digital locker site, pair up to form a copyright infringing operation according to EMI and they have sued both him personally and his company. According to Robertson, this case is one about freedom to do with your music as you please and never have to rebuy old songs but, according to EMI, it’s a straightforward copyright infringement matter.


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