3 Count: Doe Day

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1: Blizzard Sues Group Selling StarCraft 2 Hacks

First off today, video game publisher Blizzard has sued ten “Does” that it accuses of making and selling cheating applications for the company’s new and popular Starcraft 2 game. According to the complaint, the cheats not only violate the game’s terms of service but are also copyright infringements as they involve making copies of the game, creating derivative works and coping game portions into system RAM while playing, all outside the scope of their license. This follows closely a similar pattern Blizzard followed with World of Warcraft, where they targeted bot makers and private hosts.

2: Porn Studio a Step Closer to Revealing Pirates’ IDs

Next up today, porn studio Third World Media has file a new lawsuit, this time naming some 1,500 “Does” that it accuses of illegally downloading and sharing one of its films. This lawsuit comes after a similar complaint sought to reveal the identities of some 1,200 accused file sharers. Most likely the studio is seeking a subpoena for the names for the defendants, of which it only has IP addresses at this time, and send them demand letters, following closely the method of the U.S. Copyright Group and others.

3: Movie Rental Outfit Hacked, Emails Leaked, Redirected to The Pirate Bay

Finally today, in a move that is eerily similar to what happened to ACS:Law, Portuguese movie rental firm ACAPOR, which had lobbied for stronger copyright laws within the nation, had their server hacked and their emails leaked on The Pirate Bay. The leak seems to be not as major as the ACS:Law one as the firm was of a lower profile and the emails are in Portuguese, however, many are eager to see what information is contained within that file.


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