3 Count: Piracy Busters

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1: Big Media Wants More Piracy Busting from Google

First off today, heads from both the IFPI and the RIAA recently approached Google to see what the search engine could do to help them track down pirates more efficiently. Google, according to a response, was less-than-helpful saying that they only help they could offer would be an API solution that would charge 5 dollars for every 1,000 queries, an amount that the organizations said would cost millions per year. Google has said it complies with copyright law and does not charge for content removals, but has to charge the amount above for the API to recoup costs.

2: American P2P Law Firms Now Threatening… Each Other

Next up today the Media Copyright Group and the U.S. Copyright Group are in something of a trademark spat. The two firms specialize in anti-piracy work, namely filing massive lawsuits against suspected file sharers to procure settlements, making them direct competitors. Observers had previously noticed that MGC’s filings used whole passages from the USCG’s previous filings but it seems to be trademark that has put the two companies at odds. The USCG had sent a letter to the MCG demanding that they change their name and pay damages, in response, the MCG has now filed a preemptive lawsuit seeking a declaratory judgement that the name is legal and to try to revoke USCG’s trademark application. USCG has not yet responded to the lawsuit.

3: Knock Out makers ordered to share screenplay with Fox

Finally today, the makers of the Bollywood film Knock Out have been ordered to turn over their screenplay to Fox, which accuses them of plagiarizing the work from the film Phone Booth. Both films feature a protagonist being held hostage in a phone booth and ordered to reveal dark secrets. Knock Out is scheduled to be released on Oct. 15th and there appears to be no plans to halt the release at this time.


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