3 Count: Global Reach

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1: ACTA Text Shows US Caved in on Internet Provisions

First off today, more detailed analysis about the semi-final draft of the ACTA treaty are flowing in and the consensus seems to be that it isn’t as bad as feared and, for the most part, seems to be a case of the U.S. dropping many of its requests. Some of the earlier fears, such as three strikes requirements and stringent anti-DRM circumvention language were removed or blunted to the point of being left almost completely open. Despite the softer nature, the treaty does face several tough challenges as the EU Parliament has expressed concern over the treaty and Mexico’s legislature passed a non-binding resolution seeking to remove the country from the treaty until they can analyze it.

2: BREIN and Usenet Portal Face Off In Court Over Legality

Next up today, in the Netherlands the anti-piracy outfit BREIN is in court against the Usenet service FTD over FTD’s alleged copyright infringement. According to FTD, they are merely a service that helps users find content on Usenet but, according to BREIN, FTD’s publishing of locations to find infringing material is tantamount to publication itself. The latter is a similar line of legal logic that worked in another FTD case, this one with the movie studio Eyeworks. The appeal of the Eyeworks case will be heard this week as well.

3: NSA “Yelled” at France Over “Three-Strikes” Legislation

Finally today, it seems that the HADOPI “three strikes” law in France may have an additional critic, the NSA. According to a news report by Le Monde, the NSA “yelled” at their French counterparts over the law, which disconnects alleged file sharers after two warnings. According the report, the NSA was concerned it may increase the use of encryption, making it harder for them to monitor traffic.


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