3 Count: ACTing Up

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1: ACTA Copyright Piracy Enforcement Treaty Partners Reach Basic Agreement

First off today, Japan’s Minister of Economy has announced that the most recent round of negotiations on the controversial ACTA treaty were a success and that all 40 of the nations involved have reached agreements on the remaining differences. Though previous leaks of the treaty either removed or greatly softened language that would have had ISPs monitoring user’s activities for infringement and possibly disconnecting suspected file sharers, much of the treaty is still controversial, in particular talk of border searched for copyright infringing works among other anti-infringement steps. A final draft of the bill is expected to be released sometime shortly.

2: ACS:Law Boss: I Feel Defeated And Could Go Bankrupt

Next up today, ACS:Law owner, Andrew Crossley, has said that he may be forced to close up his anti-piracy firm, which could potentially bankrupt him personally. ACS:Law was recently the subject of a denial of service attack, which somehow exposed thousands of emails he had sent and received, including private information of alleged file sharers. That, in turn, has caused hundreds of complaints against him to the SRA for breach of privacy. ACS:Law had primarily worked with the porn industry in sending demand letters to alleged file sharers, a controversial tactic that earned the ire of many. The firm is still waiting for the decisions of regulators on the various accusations.

3: NV Democratic Party Settles Copyright Lawsuit

Finally today, the Nevada Democratic Party has settled its lawsuit with Righthaven, which sued it for using content from the Las Vegas Review-Journal without permission. Righthaven has bought up rights in Review-Journal content and filing lawsuits against various bloggers and publishers who have repurposed it. The practice has been very controversial and has led to a recent lawsuit by the EFF, which accuses Righthaven of being a copyright “troll”.


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