3 Count: Troll Hatin’

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1: EFF Sues Newspaper Chain’s Copyright Troll

FIrst off today, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has taken up the defense of Democratic Underground (DU), a user-generated content site in their case against Righthaven and have filed a countersuit against the company. Righthaven famously sued DU, along with over a hundred other sites, for repurposing content from the Las Vegas Review-Journal. However, DU argues that they are not liable as the content was posted by a user and, also according to them, was a fair use. The EFF is seeking attorneys fees and a judgement of non-infringement but no damages.

2: Senators Propose Changes to Website Takedown Bill

Next up today, Senators have proposed changes to the Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act in a bid to calm some of the controversy over the legislation. The proposed changes would still allow the Department of Justice to seek an injunction against the domain registrar for domains that it determines to be “pirate” sites but would drop a proposal to keep a blacklist of sites that ISPs would have to block access to. Groups such as the MPAA, RIAA and Director’s Guild have come out in favor of the bill though consumer advocacy groups and prominent Web engineers have petitioned against it.

3: AFACT Attacked Again, Anonymous Claims

Finally today, Operation Payback, which is the name the denial of service campaign being orchestrated by members of the group Anonymous against anti-piracy organizations has selected its next target, the copyright enforcement group Web Sheriff. They are also taking another swing at Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft after representatives of the site’s host claimed that the first attack failed, instead hitting a load balancer. However, the crash of the load balancer did take the AFACT site offline, along with about 8,000 other sites hosted on the network.


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