3 Count: Ivi League

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1: Broadcasters Sue Ivi for Copyright Infringement

First off today, in a move that should surprise no one, several broadcasters including Fox, ABC and CBS have counter-sued the TV streaming service Ivi, claiming that they are infringing on their copyrights by rebroadcasting live television from their various channels. According to Ivi, the law allows them to rebroadcast such TV signals and, since they are Internet-only, they are exempt from FCC requirements in doing so. They received letters from these companies and others and even filed a proactive suit against them last week. According to an Ivi rep, this lawsuit is “not about copyright”, but instead is about “competition”.

2: The Pirate Bay Appeal Day 2: Lost Sales

Next up today, the second day of The Pirate Bay appeal has concluded and most of the day was spent with prosecutors and content industry representatives highlighting lost sales and damages they see as being caused by The Pirate Bay and painting the site as a commercial enterprise. The defense did testify some at the end of the day and argued that most of the torrents on the site did not point to copyright infringing works and that, according to them, the site is merely a search engine and not responsible for the content on it. Day three is expected to have more testimony from the defense as the trial is moving faster than expected.

3: The “Legal Blackmail” Business: Inside a P2P Settlement Factory

Finally today, as the leak of emails from the UK law firm ACS:Law continues to be poured over, a clearer picture of the operations of the company, which was famous for sending out “settlement letters” to alleged file sharers in the UK. Ars Technica has a lengthy article highlighting how the business worked, including the types of responses ACS:Law got to its demand letters and some of its business dealings with other companies, including the controversial U.S. Copyright Group.


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