3 Count: French Beginnings

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1: French ISPs Will Be Flooded by IP Address Information Requests

First off today, France’s “three strikes” law, commonly known as Hadopi, is beginning to ramp up. The law forces ISPs to provide information about alleged file sharers when identified by IP address and, after three “strikes” turns the cases over to a judge who can take a range of steps, including disconnecting the alleged pirate. The first batch of such IP request have just gone out and it is supsected that the numbers could reach as high as 150,000 IP addresses per day for the country’s ISPs to sift through. ISPs who do not comply could be fined as much as €1,500 per IP address.

2: Judge puts hammer down on Hurt Locker P2P subpoena

Next up today, even as the French campaign against piracy ramps up, another in the U.S. hits a speed bump (or land mine). A judge in South Dakota has quashed the U.S. Copyright Group’s subpoena of a small ISP in the area saying that the group failed to comply with both jurisdictional and service requirements. The group, which represents several independent film makers, files massive lawsuits in Washington D.C. and uses those suits to secure subpoenas for IP addresses, that it in turn uses to get information about suspected file sharers across the country. This decision could derail that process prohibiting the group from filing such suits in a single court.

3: The Pirate Bay Appeal Starts Tomorrow

Finally today, the appeal of the four Pirate Bay admins, who were sentenced to a year in prison and to pay over $900,000 each in damages, will start tomorrow. The trial won’t be the kind of spectacle seen with the first trial and the appeal will be based mostly on the testimony and recordings of the first trial with little new introduced. A total of eight days of hearings are expected and the appeal should wrap up before October 15.


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