3 Count: Busy Weekend

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1: 4chan Hits MPAA Web Site, Others with DDoS Attacks

First off today, users of the site 4chan over the weekend launched denial of service attacks against a variety of pro-copyright websites including the websites of the MPAA, RIAA and anti-piracy firm Aiplex. The latter was the first target due to its recent denial of service attack against The Pirate Bay, but the group moved on to the MPAA and RIAA sites as part of a “protest” against their actions. All three sites are back online as of this writing but each were down for several hours during the attacks. According to the article, the British Phonographic Industry site may be the next site in 4chan’s sights.

2: Swedish Pirate Party Fails To Enter Parliament

Next up today, the Swedish Pirate Party, fresh off of its victories in the EU Parliamentary elections, failed to secure any seats in Sweden’s National Parliament. The organization secured around 1% of the popular vote, well behind the 4% required to secure seats in the organization. This means some of the larger plans, such as hosting The Pirate Bay and Wikileaks within the Parliament building will not take place. Polls leading up to the election largely predicted the results but many still hoped for a similar triumph to the one that gave the party two seats in the EU Parliament.

3: Intel Threatens to Sue Anyone Who Uses HDCP Crack

Finally today, HDCP, the DRM system that protects Blu-Ray discs, has been cracked. The master key for the HDCP system was recently posted online and Intel, the company that developed the systems, has confirmed it to be authentic. However, the company has also threatened to file suit against anyone who uses the system to crack Blu-Ray movies. It may be quite some time before we see widespread breaking HDCP as the key would have to be implemented in hardware, something beyond the reach of most hackers.


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