3 Count: Video Killed…

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1: Google Loses German Court Ruling Over YouTube Videos

A Hamburg court recently ruled against YouTube in a case that saw singer Sarah Brightman file suit against the video sharing site and its parent Google claiming that the site hosted at least three clips she had not cleared for distribution. The court had recently ruled in favor of YouTube in a similar against a group of musical royalty collecting societies who had requested an emergency restraining order blocking the distribution their songs. The judge, however, indicated that the court may rule in the groups’ favor if they file their complaint under standard procedures. YouTube plans to appeal the Brightman ruling.

2: YouTube Ads Turn Piracy Into Revenue

Next up today, in a related story, several news sites are talking about how YouTube is enabling copyright holders, including the makers of the show “Mad Men” to share advertising revenue from clips uploaded without their permission. The site runs ads next to those clips and offers the rights holders the chance to split the revenue. This has resulted in some 2 billion views that otherwise might have been for clips taken down, equaling about 14 percent of YouTube’s total views.

3: Here Come ‘Hurt Locker’ File-Sharing Subpoenas

Finally today, the long-anticipated subpoenas in the “Hurt Locker” file sharing case have been sent out and at least some ISPs have already turned over customer information. The lawsuits are being spearheaded by the D.C. law firm Dunlap, Grubb & Weaver, which is commonly associated with the controversial U.S. Copyright Group, which has obtained subpoenas for identifying information for those it accuses of sharing the movie and is now, most likely, in the process of sending the pre-litigation settlement letters, where they will demand several thousand dollars to not move forward with the case.


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