Copyright Office Adds New Toll-Free Number

If you’ve ever been frustrated or had a question when registering a work with the U.S. Copyright Office, then you may want to keep this number handy: 1-877-476-0778

The USCO has made this new number available for questions and queries regarding copyright registrations and callers will either be directed to the Public Information Office or the Copyright Technology Office help desk depending on the nature of their query.

Specifically, the number is for getting help with the new Electronic Copyright Office system (eCO), which I have been very critical of ever since its launch.

Specifically, the number has three options:

  • Press 1: To get recorded information about copyright or request publications.
  • Press 2: To get technical support for the eCO registration system.
  • Press 0: To talk to an “information specialist about copyright or registration requirements.”

The number can be used instead of their previous non-free number, 202-707-3000.

I haven’t had a chance to try the new number yet so, if you do, please let me know what your experiences are! For more information, you can read the USCO’s flier on the new number (PDF)

Note: I am back from OpenCamp and will be doing a full update tomorrow after I get caught up on some urgent things here.

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