Heading to OpenCamp 2010

Heading to OpenCamp 2010 Image

It is going to be a short week for me here at Plagiarism Today. For those who haven’t seen the badge, I’m speaking at OpenCamp 2010 this coming weekend, August 27-29.

I’ll be giving a 30-minute talk on Saturday entitled “How to Share Your Content – Without Hurting Your Copyright”, which will be aimed at WordPress users helping the find great ways to share their content on the Web without having to worry about spammers, plagiarists and other parasites.

The talk will be accessible to all bloggers but will specifically discuss some WordPress plugins and other tools that will be only for those using WordPress as their platform.

Because of this I’m going to only be in the office Monday through Wednesday of this week and possibly Thursday morning. I’ll also be limited in how much writing I do this week and in my email response time as I try to fit a week’s worth of work into three and a half days and try to finish my presentation.

So bear with me this week if things are a bit slower than usual and, if you’re in the Dallas area and/or planning to head to OpenCamp, please stop by my talk and say hi. I’d love to hear from you.

Hope to see some of you at OpenCamp!

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