3 Count: California Whril

3 Count: California Whril Image

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1: Eagles Musician Don Henley Settles Copyright Wrangle

First off today, Eagles musician Don Henley has reached a settlement with Republican Senate candidate Chuck DeVore over Devore’s use of two of the Eagles’ songs, “All She Wants To Do Is Dance” and “The Boys of Summer” in parodies for his campaign. But while the songs were satiric, meaning they were making fun of Democratic candidates, they were not parodying the song itself, removing the fair use argument. Devore has settled for an undisclosed sum and an apology.

2: Why Is An Oscar Winner Suing Over This $100,000 Photograph?

Next up today Louie Psihoyos, who recently won the Oscar for best documentary with his movie “The Cove” is suing both the BBC and CBS for their use of an image he took in 1994 for National Geographic. The photo, which shows a man sitting in front of hundreds of TVs, reportedly costs Psihoyos $100,000 to take and, according to the complaint, was used by the BBC on its website for an article entitled “Future is TV-shaped, says Intel” and by CBS as part of a commercial display for a forum. There has been no response from either BBC or CBS as of this time.

3: Katy Perry Plays Down Beach Boys Row

Finally, it seems that an alleged row between the Beach Boys, which famously sang “California Girls” and Katy Perry, who had a recent hit with “California Gurls” was blown far out of proportion. The BBC is reporting that, despite earlier claims, there is no lawsuit in the works and the label has only established a diminutive claim on the writing credits. The dispute is over a line at the end of Perry’s song which mirrors a famous line from the original Beach Boys tune. The rest of the songs, despite the homage, are different.


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