3 Count: Huzzah Kazaa?

3 Count: Huzzah Kazaa? Image

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1: Kazaa Relaunches In The Cloud

First off today Kazaa, the former file sharing service shuttered following a lawsuit by the recording industry, has relaunched as a legit music streaming service. Charging $15 per month, Kazaa offers access to some 1.6 million tracks and, most uniquely, 1 million lyrics. Though the number of songs available pales in comparison to competing services, such as 10 million on Napster, it will be interesting to see if and how Kazaa is able to break into this particular space.

2: Gawker Pays to Settle ‘McSteamy’ Copyright Suit

Next up today, Gawker Media, which leaked a sex tape involving actors Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart has settled a copyright infringement suit by the two stars. According to reports, Gawker paid in the lower 6-figure range to settle the case. The couple had suffered a setback after a judge ruled they could not claim statutory damages since they registered the tape after the leak took place. However, the couple claimed that they still were owed Gawker’s profits from the leak but Gawker had defended the posting as fair use. The case had entered forced arbitration, which brought about the settlement.

3: EFF Offers New Help for Targets of Predatory Copyright Infringement Lawsuits

Finally today, if you’ve been a target in the recent U.S. Copyright Group lawsuits, the Electronic Frontier Foundation has a new resource that may be able to help. The EFF has a new guide on the USCG lawsuits, including, FAQs, information about possible defenses and help in locating an attorney to help take up the case. The site also has some information for attorneys interested in the case and a means for them to sign up to help.


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