3 Count: Supreme Fail

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1: Upload Limit Increases to 15 Minutes For All Users

First off today, YouTube has increased the upload limit on videos to 15 minutes, up from the previous limit of 10. YouTube, however, attributes the change to its content ID system, which copyright holders use to monitor and enforce their work on the service. This, according to YouTube, has limited the site’s usefulness for infringement, making it possible to raise the limit, which was largely in place to limit infringing uses of the site’s services.

2: U.S. Copyright Group ‘Steal’ Competitor’s Website

Next up today, mass litigator the U.S. Copyright Group has been accused of “stealing” a competitor’s website. The company, best known for filing thousands of infringement lawsuits over independent films, reused images and code from copyrightsettlements.com. The latter company has confirmed they are not affiliated with the USCG and that they plan to file a cease and desist letter. Originally the two sites were almost identical but even a new, stripped-down version of the USCG’s site still reuses some of the code.

3: Attorneys for J.K. Rowling Request Dismissal in Copyright Suit

Finally today, attorneys for J.K. Rowling have responded to the “Willie the Wizard” lawsuit, which alleges much of Rowling’s book “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” is based on the book created by the late Adrian Jacobs. Rowling has asked the court to dismiss the suit saying that there is no evidence to show that she copied from Jacobs’ book and the pleading also took a few potshots at the work saying that the book was “very, very badly written.”


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