3 Count: Jailbreak Tonight!

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1: Never Mind Legality, iPhone Jailbreaking Voids Your Warranty

First off today, Apple has responded to yesterday’s news that the U.S. Copyright Office granted an exemption for “jailbreaking” mobile phones, making the act legal. They said that, while the law may allow jailbreaking, it will still void your warranty. This means that anyone seeking free repairs on a jailbroken iPhone will be out of luck. Apple says that they do this in an attempt to provide customers the best experience possible.

2: Net Neutrality Debate Veers Off on Copyright Tangent

Next up today, the net neutrality debate has taken another turn. As the FCC struggles to find a way to regulate ISPs and prevent them from showing preference to some data over others, copyright groups, such as Arts+Labs, are wanting to make sure that any such regulations do not interfere with the ISPs abillity to blog infringing transfers. Though this position is nothing new, it comes at a critical juncture after the FCC began work to reclassify ISPs as phone companies to better regulate them.

3: Media’s Analogue Holdouts: Digitisation and its Discontents

Finally today, the Economist has an interesting article about digital holdouts, including such major media brands as The Beatles, Harry Potter and several women’s magazines. The reason cited is many brands have nothing to gain from being online as they are either already ubiquitous or dependent upon revenue from physical sales for their business model. However, many readily admit that while such strategies make sense, they are rarely the best method for reducing piracy.


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