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1: Google Takes FTC to Task Over Journalism’s Future

First off today, Google has weighed in on an FTC discussion paper that offers several solutions to “save journalism” as the FTC puts it. According to Google, the problems faced by newspapers and other print publications is caused not by copyright issues, but by market forces and the loss of monopoly control over a territory. Google believes that newspapers should come up with business solutions, not rely on regulation and that “hot news”, a limited form of copyright on normally-uncopyrightable facts gathered at expense should not be a part of copyright law.

2: IP Czar Targets Overseas Pirate Sites

Next up today, Victoria Espinel, the U.S. Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator or “Copyright Czar” as she’s often known as, had a hearing before the House of Representative’s Committee on Foreign Affairs where many of the Congressmen were eager to get “meat and potatoes” solutions for copyright enforcement with problem nations but Espinel was forced to admit that “There are no new simple answers” as she put it. Instead, she focused on existing diplomatic options, including the WTO, and other proposals, such as blocking visas for some students, fell flat.

3: Draft Filesharing Code Flawed, Says Open Rights Group

Finally today, Ofcom, the regulators responsible for drafting much of the codes for enforcing the Digital Economy Act in the UK, has been told by the Open Rights Group that their most recent draft doesn’t meet the standards set forth by the law, specifically in outlining the standards of evidence used to target file sharers. According to the ORG, this could mean subpoenas being sent out on insufficient evidence and users being targeted without proper cause.

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You may have noticed the snappy new logo for the 3 Count today. It comes from Justin Goff over at Cloud Junkies. Many thanks to him for his efforts and for licensing the logo under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. (Though he did wave attribution rights for me, I’m going to use it under the CC license moving forward.)

Many thanks to Justin for the cool new logo! It is exactly what the 3 Count needed.


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