3 Count: Pirate ISP

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1: World’s First Pirate ISP Launches In Sweden

First off today, the Pirate Party in Sweden is now planning to launch its own ISP service, one aimed at providing the maximum amount of user privacy the country’s laws allow, including from copyright holders. The service began beta testing in the city of Lund earlier this week with about 100 residents signed up. The service aims to take 5% of the market in Lund before moving on to other cities and is operated by ViaEuropa, which is also the company behind the iPredator VPN/anonymity service.

2: Court Upholds ‘We Are Marshall’ Copyright Ruling

Next up today upheld a 2008 ruling that found that Warner Bros., the makers of the movie “We Are Marshall”, did not violate the copyright of the earlier documentary “Ashes to Glory”, both of which were about the rebuilding of the Marshall football program following a tragic plane crash. According to the court, both films were original works based on non-copyrightable facts.

3: Chaplin Copyright Bill Silences Charity Girl

Finally today, 10-year-old Bethany Hare used her own money made from being an extra in Emmanuele to create a charity video where she performed a Charlie Chaplin song, Smile. However, the video, which earned £1,800 for Marin House Children’s Hospice has now been muted as the rights holder to the video, Bourne Music PUblishers has demanded £1,300 to license the use of the song. Hale still hopes to reach her target of £5,000 and has had some £2,100 pledged.


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