3 Count: Dutch Disbelief

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1: Pirate Bay Owners Fined by Dutch Court

First off today, three of the founders of The Pirate Bay, Peter Sunde, Frederik Neij and Gottfrid Warg, were fined by a Dutch court for not disabling access to the site in the Netherlands. The founders claim they no longer own the site and instead sold it to a company called Reservella Ltd., based in the Seychelles. However, no proof was provided of the sale and records show Neij to be the CEO of the company. The owners were ordered to pay €50,000 for failing to shutter the service in the Netherlands though it is unclear how they will collect the fines as the trio are based in Sweden.

2: Lawsuit Dropped; Claimed That Copyright-Filtering Violates Copyright

Next up today, a lawsuit against Scribd, filed by the attorneys who defended Jammie Thomas in her case against the RIAA, has been dropped. The plaintiff, children’s author Elaine Scott, claimed that Scribd’s copyright filtering technology, which stores copies of works to match against those that are uploaded, is in and of itself a copyright infringement. It seems the attorneys in the case have backed away from the case, having missed several deadlines.

3: Bomb-Making Tips, Hit List Behind Blogetery Closure

Finally today, it seems that the mystery behind the closure of Blogerty has been solved and it bomb-making tips and a hit list, not copyright, that shuttered the blog hosting service. The site, along with all of the blogs it hosted, disappeared from the Web due to action from the U.S. government, many suspected copyright to be the cause though the style of takedown had not been seen in copyright enforcement. According to CNet, the site’s host has now said that it was closed following an information request from the FBI regarding terrorist material hosted on the service. The host closed the service voluntarily after the request.


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