3 Count: Economics Fail

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1: RIAA’s Losing Gamble: Spends $63M For Copyright Suits

First off today, reports are coming in that, over the past few years, the RIAA spent an estimates $63 million on attorneys and only recouped about $1.4 million in settlements and judgements. Many have concluded this played a role in the RIAA’s decision to cease its lawsuit campaign against individual file sharers. Despite that campaign ending, the RIAA is still dealing with ongoing cases, such as the Tenenbaum and Thomas cases.

2: International anti-counterfeiting talks hit snags says EU

Next up today, the ACTA treaty, the controversial new anti-counterfeiting and copyright treaty that has been negotiated largely in secret between most major copyright countries, has hit a snag it seems as EU negotiators are complaining that the U.S. wants to limit the treaty to copyright and trademark issues and not cover geographical indications. To make matters worse, the April revisions to the treaty have not been released, even after earlier drafts were made publicly available. However, it was confirmed that border searches for copyright infringing works would not be taking place and the treaty would not force countries to adopt a “three strikes” system for disconnecting file sharers but could implement one if they wished.

3: Vimeo Offers Creative Commons Licensing Options to its Members

Finally today, video-sharing site Vimeo has integrated Creative Commons Licenses into their service. Users can now license their videos under various CC licenses using their video’s settings and not having to edit the video to insert the license directly. This follows Blip.tv and other video sharing sites that have done similar integrations.


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