3 Count: Mashed Bridges

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1: P2P plaintiffs to get just 28 Time Warner IPs each month

First off today, Time Warner Cable has won a victory in its dispute with the U.S. Copyright Group. The company will only have to turn over 28 IP addresses per month instead of turning over all 800+ at once. The U.S. Copyright Group, which is operating on behalf of several independent film makes to file massive lawsuits against suspected file sharers, had demanded all the addresses be turned over at once but Time Warner said that it was not possible with their current resources. The court has agreed and now it will take over 2 years for the U.S. Copyright Group to receive all of the information from just one of their lawsuits. Time Warner, along with various public interest groups had hoped to break the massive lawsuit up into individual cases, but the judge has, so far, declined to do that.

2: TalkTalk and BT launch challenge to Digital Economy Act

Next up today, BT and TalkTalk, two of the UK’s biggest ISPs are asking for a judicial review of the Digital Economy Act to ensure that no “fundamental rights” are being trampled upon by the new law. According to the ISPs, the act, which will require ISPs to shut off access to those repeatedly accused of piracy, not only raises serious privacy concerns, but also was passed in a worrisome manner and, puts larger ISPs at a disadvantage to smaller ones as the act only applies to ISPs with more than 400,000 subscribers. The portions of the law that result in disconnection do not take effect until at least next year.

3: Don Johnson Awarded $23.2m Nash Bridges Profits

Finally today, in an update to the Nash Bridges story covered earlier, Don Johnson, the star and creator of the show, has been awarded over $23 million in profits from the show’s production company, Rysher Entertainment. According to Rysher, no royalties had been paid because the show still had not recouped all of its cost. However, the jury disagreed and awarded the star, best known for his work on Miami Vice what it viewed as owed royalties. Two other companies, Qualia Capital and 2929 Entertainment, were also successfully sued by Johnson.


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