3 Count: Come Together

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1: Judge Orders User-Friendly Notices for Does Targeted By USCG Suits

First off today, the judge in the U.S. Copyright Group case has asked the group, along with Time Warner Cable, the EFF and Public Knowledge to sit down and hammer out a letter to send to the does in the lawsuit to alert them to their rights, including the ability to contest jurisdiction. The U.S. Copyright Group has sued tens of thousands of alleged file sharers hoping to obtain their information and send letters seeking a settlement. Time Warner Cable claimed that the subpoena was overly burdensome and the EFF and Public Knowledge claimed that the bundling of the lawsuits was improper, requesting that a new lawsuit be filed for each defendant.

2: US Cracks Down on Internet Movie Pirates, Websites Seized

Next up today, the U.S. has shut down 9 different piracy-related domains, replacing their home pages with warnings from the various agencies involved, and executed four residential search warrants in a massive piracy crackdown. This comes one week after Vice President Joe Biden unveiled his administration’s intellectual property enforcement plan.

3: Hulu Plus Plagued With Minuses

Finally today, video streaming site Hulu, which is co-owned by NBC and Fox, has announced a premium or “Plus” package for $9.99 per month but it has failed to win over much of the Web. Though the plan offers greater access to Hulu’s shows, including many of television’s most popular series, on more devices, including XBox 360, Playstation 3, iPad and iPhone, it doesn’t eliminate the commercial breaks, which has many wondering if it is worth the price.


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