3 Count: Dazed and Confused

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1: Copyright War Escalates With NMPA Joining ASCAPs Attack on Free Culture

First off today, a letter from American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) to its 300,000+ member artists has stirred controversy by claiming they need money to fight enemies of copyright including the EFF, Publick Knowledge and, most controversial of all, Creative Commons. The letter has lead to a backlashing, including to at least some ASCAP artists threatening to withdraw, but another group has joined the chorus. A speech by the CEO of the National Music Publishers Association (NMPA) took a similar tack against the groups as well. That, in turn, makes this an issue that is likely to linger for some time.

2: Led Zeppelin Sued for Alleged Plagiarism of Dazed and Confused

Next up today, Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page is being sued by folk singer Jake Holmes over the Zeppelin song “Dazed and Confused”. Holmes registered the song in 1967 and renewed that registration in 1995. Holmes is widely credited with authoring the song and the line between Page and Holmes is well known, with Holmes having opened for Page in 1967. What is unclear is why Holmes waited some 40 years to raise the issue in court, which limits him only to royalties for the last three years.

3: Warner Music Group Taps MTV For Content Partnership And Video Advertising Sales

Finally today, Warner Music Group has signed a content partnership with MTV, giving MTV exclusive rights to sell ad inventory around WMG music, including on YouTube. WMG will, in turn get the right to promote artists on MTV channels, including MTV, VH1 and CMT. This deal comes after WMG regained control of advertising around its videos on YouTube.


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