3 Count: Friendly Music

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1: YouTube, RumbleFish Partner for ‘Friendly Music’

First off today, YouTube and the music licensing service Rumblefish are teaming up to provide easy and cheap music licensing for videos on the service. Users will have access to a growing library of 35,000 independent tracks and will have “non-commercial, unlimited views rights in perpetuity” on the music they license. The tracks will cost $1.99 to license. The service, entitled “Friendly Music” will be promoted on YouTube though it isn’t clear how.

2: Scope of French ’3 Strikes’ P2P Piracy Monitoring Confirmed

Next up today, the company TMG, which has been selected to provide the tracking services for France’s new “Three Strikes” law Hadopi have confirmed long-suspected limitations in their jurisdiction, saying that the service will be tracking P2P networks exclusively and will base its monitoring on a total of 10,000 works. The company will be working to capacity though, tracking some 50,000 infringements per day. The resources will be split between music and audiovisual work evenly.

3: AFACT Ordered to Pay iiNet Court Cost, Again

Finally today, the Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft (AFACT) has again been ordered to pay the legal fees of Australian ISP iiNet after its failed lawsuit claiming that the ISP does not to do enough to prevent copyright infringement on its service. AFACT had appealed the first ruling that it needed pay the fees, saying that the verdict was mixed and that it should only pay 60%, but the judge disagreed and has ordered AFACT to pay the full amount.


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