New DMCA Takedown Service


As the operator of this site and as a copyright and plagiarism consultant, one of the most common scenarios I face is that people, when confronted by a copyright infringement, just want someone to take care of the case for them. Though I typically try to help people resolve the case themselves, and offer an entire series on how to make it happen. Many would prefer to be “hands off” and have me do it for them.

With that audience in mind, I am partnering with Who Is Hosting This to offer a streamlined service for handling DMCA takedown notices. The service, which costs $99 per case, uses CopyByte, my copyright consulting firm, as an authorized agent and sends notices on behalf of individuals and companies.

Click Here to File a DMCA Notice

To be clear, all notices are reviewed by myself and, if needed, an attorney before being submitted to ensure that the notice is valid. We have no qualms about turning down and refunding bad notices and I have routinely done so throughout my practice. Furthermore, I only recommend use of this service, or any DMCA takedown for that matter, AFTER working directly with the infringer or plagiarist has failed.

Finally, as with any services I provide, I am not an attorney and this service is not intended to be legal advice. Rather, we file the notice on your behalf and can not provide any further representation.

In addition to the one-off notices, we also offer monthly contracts a discounted rate.

For those who still want to do it themselves, which I prefer for many reasons, there will continue to be a wide selection of freely available and up-to-date information here on PT, including the DMCA Contact List, the Stock Letters, which includes DMCA notices for search engines and hosts as well as the entire Stopping Internet Plagiarism section, which includes key chapters finding and contacting the host.

Also, as always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me and I’ll do my best to assist.

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  1. Have you ever had any cases in which businesses, small or big, attempted to file a false DMCA that was so obvious, you were like "What the fuck are you smoking"?

  2. I haven't been involved in any such cases nor been asked to. Most of the cases I've turned down have been people either A) Trying to DMCA content that is infringing but they don't own or B) Uses of their content that isn't copyright infringement but still feels wrong (often times a trademark or trade secret issue).I do see cases though from others and read about them in the news but usually I know what they're thinking, I just know they're wrong, such as with some of the Scientology DMCA notices.Still, the closest I've seen to that was the Michael Crook DMCA notice where he sent not one but many notices against sites using an image of him that was taken from Fox News. I knew what he was thinking, it was a genuine misunderstanding of copyright, but it was still way off target.I might have to do a separate article about dumb DMCA notices though, I'm sure I can scrounge together a top five…

  3. From time to time I am in need of these services for my website. Do you also offer a money back guarantee if you are unsuccessful in getting the offending copy removed from the net? I'm in the midst of a takedown as I type. I use a company that advertises for the same price and did a magnificent job about 6 months ago for me. You all in this business must really know what you're doing in order to help business owners like me as there are many dirtbags out there who think nothing of copying our content and using it as though it were there own.