3 Count: Copyright Troll

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1: China To Charge Internet Cafés Copyright Fees

First off today, a pilot program in China by the Chinese Movie Copyright Association will start charging Internet cafes, a popular means of Internet access within the country, for piracy committed by users. Cafe owners are already protesting the charges, saying they should not be held responsible for the actions of their users, but the move appears to be part of a broader crackdown on piracy in China.

2: Rapidshare Calls Perfect 10 ‘Copyright Troll’ In Counterclaim

Next up today, Internet porn company and repeat copyright litigator Perfect 10 has been countersued by Rapidshare, which it sued previously and was denied an injunction. According to Rapidshare, Perfect 10 makes it more difficult than necessary to remove infringing material and also works to entrap users by making it possible to download images without adding any protections to prevent sharing. Perfect 10 was previously denied an injunction based on the fact Rapidshare is not searchable and is merely a storage locker for files, unlike many file sharing sites.

3: ISP Attempt To Block File-Sharing Ends in Epic Failure

Finally today, French ISP Orange, in response to France’s Hadopi legislation, which creates a “three strikes” system within the country, offered its customers software to monitor and block file sharing activity. It turns out, however, that the software is riddled with security problems including privacy issues that allow others to see IP addresses of those using the software and, potentially, using it to inject malware. No word on if these security issues are being addressed.


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