3 Count: Frozen Assets

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1: RIAA Asks Judge To Freeze LimeWire’s Assets

First off today, in addition to the injunction that the RIAA is seeking against LimeWire, the record labels are also seeking to freeze the assets of both the company and its founder, Mark Gorton. According to the labels, LimeWire has done nothing to change its illegal ways since being found liable for copyright infringement last month and may be on the hook for over a billion in damages. LimeWire has up to two weeks to respond to the injunction request before the judge in the case may issue orders.

2: IFPI Reacts to Publication of Draft Canadian Copyright Amendment Bill

The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) has issued a press release on the draft copyright reform bill in Canada. Though the IFPI has said it is pleased that Canada is taking up the issue, that the bill, as it is written, does not go far enough. The bill, though it prevents the circumvention of digital locks, also codifies the “notice and notice” system for dealing with infringement online and expands fair dealing within the country. The IFPI is hoping that the bill will be amended and the current draft is merely a starting point.

3: New York Times Forces Apple to Pull Popular ‘Pulse’ iPad Newsreader

Finally today, in a case of copyright fail, the New York Times, briefly at least, had Apple remove the popular iPad app Pulse claiming that it was infringing their copyright. The reason? Pulse displayed the New York Times’ RSS feed, along with millions of others, in that it is a feed reader. The $4 app was restored to the app store some time later but it is unclear if the NYT withdrew its complaint or if Apple realized what was going on.


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