3 Count: Pirate Date

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1: The RIAA? Amateurs. Here’s How You sue 14,000+ P2P Users

We’re only in June of 2010 but it is already the biggest year to date for file sharing lawsuits and by a factor of two no less. The U.S. Copyright Group has filed lawsuits against some 14,000 alleged file sharers since January of this year, more than doubling the busiest full year of the RIAA’s campaign, including 5,000 defendants named in one lawsuit alone. The U.S. Copyright Group and their lawyer partners have targeted alleged file sharers of independent movies, most recently including the Hurt Locker.

2: MEPs Call for EU-wide Digital Licensing Law

Next up today, MEPs in the EU Parliament are calling for a standardization of licensing practices within the 26 member bloc to both combat piracy through streamlined enforcement and to eliminate red tape and complexity when trying to license works throughout the region. They also wish to set up helpdesks in other countries, such as Russia, to help entrepreneurs protect their intellectual property rights outside of the EU sphere.

3: The Pirate Bay Couples With Meezoog Belowdecks To Launch Dating Site

Finally today, looking for a date? The Pirate Bay has launched a new site called PirateDate that it hopes will attract a new audience to its services. The site, which is done in partnership with social dating site Meezoog, is the latest addition to The Pirate Bay’s portfolio. Who exactly will be interested in such a site remains to be seen but it seems to be part of The Pirate Bay’s overall strategy to diversify past its more famous project.


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