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If you are a WordPress or Drupal user and want an easy way to verify ownership of your creations, you may be in luck. The same also goes for designers, Web and shirt, as new Myows applications may help streamline the process.

Last month, Myows, the copyright non-repudiation service, introduced its API to help make it easier for developers to build applications around the platform. At the time they also announced an API challenge with prizes, including two Apple iPads, for the developers who came up with the best apps in hopes of encouraging development and fostering the creation of some new tools for creators to use.

With the deadline for submission passed the voting has begun for the public participation part of the contest.

There are five applications competing for the prize including the following:

  1. Owit: A WordPress plugin that can upload blog files, such as images and audio, to Myows for submission.
  2. ShirtSafe: A Web-based service that connects with both Myows and Printfection to allow designers to submit shirt designs to Myows before having them printed.
  3. Capow: A web-based service that takes a screenshot of a Web site and submits the image to Myows for protection. Ideal for Web designers to protect their creations.
  4. Myows Drupal Module: A module for the Drupal CMS that makes it easy to submit images and content to Myows. A demo site is available.
  5. Myows for WordPress: An additional WordPress plugin that can protect both media files and blog posts in WordPress.

I’m unfortunately a bit late in posting this so you only have through the 31st to post your vote. To vote, simply register for an account and leave a comment to this forum thread with your favorite application.

In addition to the public voting, the applications will also be eligible for a Jury Prize, which will be voted on by experts in the field.

So, if you use Myows or wish to dabble with it, now might be a great time to test and see how these applications work for you.

Disclosure: I am a paid consultant for Myows.

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