3 Count: Talking Heads

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1: Talking Heads Star David Byrne Sues Over Song

First off today, David Byrne, the lead singer of the group the Talking Heads, is suing Charlie Crist, the governor of Florida over his campaign’s use of the Talking Heads song “Road to Nowhere” in an advertisement for his Senate run. According to Byrne, the lawsuit is about copyright, not politics, and, even though Crist’s campaign pulled the video down off YouTube quickly that the damage was done. Brne’s attorney, Lawrence Iser, is the one who successfully sued John McCain on behalf of Jackson Browne over a similar use of a song as part of a campaign.

2: LimeWire Begs Music Industry for Second Chance

Next up today, Limewire, which recently lost its lawsuit against the RIAA and is likely facing a large judgment of damages, is asking the record industry for a chance to convert to a legitimate and paid music service. It seems, however, that the record industry is not impressed, saying that they are pursuing damages in the case and that Limewire “thumbed its nose” at copyright holders even after other services made efforts to filter out infringing content or strike licensing deals.

3: US Copyright Official Discounts ACTA Concerns

Finally today, U.S. copyright official Steven Tepp has dismissed concerns about the controversial ACTA treaty, which is being negotiated by major copyright-producing nations around the world. The concerns, voiced by the Consumer Electronics Association and Knowledge Ecology International are unfounded according to Tepp, saying that they are either not grounded in the reality of what is being negotiated or are moot as the draft of the treaty has been released to the public.


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