3 Count: Repeal Repealed

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1: ConDems Won’t Repeal UK’s Digital Economy Act

First off today, even though a new government has been elected to power in the UK, don’t expect it to repeal the recently passed Digital Economy Act. The government has gone on record saying that they have no plans on repealing it though a controversial provision that would have given ISPs the obligation of blocking some Web sites, which was removed from the bill to be reintroduced as a separate measure, doesn’t seem likely to pass. Still, the move seems to be cheered by copyright holders who fought hard for the act only to feel that it was threatened with the changing of the guard.

2: Google Offered Viacom $592 Million for Content

Next up today, according to recently unsealed documents in the Viacom v. Google case, which has the two companies arguing over YouTube’s use of Viacom’s content, especially during the early days of the site’s history, Google offered over half a billion dollars to Viacom for use of the company’s content on the site. Another email exchange showed that Viacom actually defended YouTube at one point, saying that the site was driving a lot of traffic to them but yet other emails showed the two sides at each other’s throats, with obscenity-laden emails from both companies being made public.

3: Newzbin Code Leak Could Lead to Return of Usenet Indexer

Finally today, Newzbin, the Usenet indexer recently forced to close following legal action from the Motion Picture Association, may be due for a rebirth. The code used to build the service has been leaked and at least one site appears to be trying to piece together a replacement service. In an email sent to a newsgroup for the service, the group claims to be putting together and that it should be available “soon”. Obviously, we’ll have updates if the site is relaunched.


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