3 Count: First in Three

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1: Eircom to Cut Broadband Over Illegal Downloads

First off today, Eircom’s Ireland’s largest ISP, has initiated a trial period where it will engage in a graduated response, or three strikes system. The ISP, which has some 750,000 subscribers, will process some 50 IP addresses per week on behalf of the Irish Recorded Music Association and will disconnect alleged file sharers for a year after they have received three warnings. Competitor UPC has still resisted such efforts and has a court case on the subject next month.

2: U.S. Court: Isohunt Has to Shut Down

Next up today, in the ISOHunt case, a permanent injunction has been issued that bars the torrent search engine from providing access to almost any and all Hollywood movies. The injunction is likely to force ISOHunt to shut down in the U.S., blocking visitors from within the country. The judge also found that ISOHunt’s “lite” interface, which was designed to mirror Google in appearance, was not enough and was merely a new look on the same results.

3: Sony Believes Piracy is the PSP’s Biggest Problem

Finally today, according to Sony, its beleaguered PSP handheld gaming system is struggling largely due to piracy, which the company says is “killing” the platform. According to the company, the piracy issue is worse in Japan but that is causing many publishers to not offer full support for their products in North America. Sony is introducing new copy protection techniques to reduce or slow down piracy, in hopes of rectifying this issue.


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