3 Count: Newzbin Trashbin

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1: US Court: RapidShare Not Guilty of Copyright Infringement

First off today, one-click hosting site RapidShare has won another critical courtroom victory, this one in the U.S. A recent verdict in a lawsuit filed by Perfect 10 found that the company was not liable for infringing material hosted on its servers saying that the company does not induce copyright infringement. This victory follows a major win for Rapidshare in a German Appeals Court, that overturned a lower court ruling saying the file hosting service was in violation of German law.

2: Newzbin Usenet Indexer Shuts Down After Court Defeat

Next up today, Usenet indexer Newzbin has shut down. This comes after a High Court in the UK found the service liable for copyright infringement. Reports say that the company owes the Motion Picture Association, who files the suit, some £230,000 in interim costs and can not pay its bills. As such, the company has been placed in administration and the service has been shut down.

3: Superman Attorney Lawsuit: Smear Campaign or Savvy Strategy?

Finally today, the battle over copyright terminations has reached a new level of ugliness. Copyright attorney Marc Toberoff, who was behind the successful attempts by the heirs of the creators of Superman to have some of the rights restored to them has been sued personally by Warner. Warner is alleging that he acted improperly in motivating the heirs to go back on their contracts and sign deals that turned over a significant amount of royalties to him. Many theorize that this suit is trying to reclaim those lost rights and repair the damage the successful terminations may cause the studio down the road.


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