3 Count: Back Up

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1: The Pirate Party Becomes The Pirate Bay’s New Host

First off today, after the injunction against The Pirate Bay’s old host, Cyberbunker, the site went down for the most of the day yesterday. However, as of this morning, the site is up again but has a surprising new host, Sweden’s Pirate Party. According to the Party, they wanted to “take the bull by the horns” and address this issue directly, claiming that the site is nothing more than a search engine and is completely legal. The Pirate Party also says that attempting to silence The Pirate Bay is tantamount to silencing political speech, something they can not allow.

2: Princeton Demands We Not Show You Elegan Kagan’s Socialist Thesis

Next up today, even as Elena Kagan begins the nomination process for the Supreme Court, those wanting access to one of her most important previous works, her thesis from Princeton University, are facing a new challenge. Princeton filed a takedown notice against the blog Red State, who had posted the thesis on their site. According to the blog, they don’t feel it was a conspiracy to keep anything hidden, but rather, an attempt to ensure that others pay the $57 fee for a copy of the thesis.

3: Is iPad Supercharging Ebook Piracy?

Finally today, many in the publishing industry are wondering if the iPad is their industry’s “iPod moment”. Though Piracy had been a problem for the music industry before the iPod, the problem skyrocketed as the players found widespread acceptance. Now that the iPad seems to be having similar success, many wonder if it and its open format will make book piracy a problem as well. Currently the challenges in creating pirated eBooks are keeping piracy relatively small but as DRM is cracked on the popular eBook formats, it may only be a matter of time. This may be why the newest president of the Author’s Guild is a practicing attorney.


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