3 Count: Nintendon’t

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1: Legal experts: LimeWire Likely Doomed

First off today, feedback and commentary from yesterday’s ruling in the LimeWire case is flowing in and a consensus is emerging, LimeWire is doomed. The big question at this time is whether the record labels, which successfully sued LimeWire and its CEO for vicarious copyright infringement will file for an injunction against the service before the June 1 status conference or attempt to work out a resolution there. In fact, most experts agree even an appeal will do little to stave off an injunction, if requested, as the judge felt she had many good reasons to make the ruling she did.

2: Nintendo Files Lawsuit Against R4 Seller

Next up today, Nintendo has filed a lawsuit against video game seller NXPGAME saying that the company sold the R4 Chip, which Nintendo says is a chip used to play pirated Nintendo DS games and is a violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Nintendo also claims that they previously demanded the company stop sale of the R4 chip and they complied, only to open up a new site to sell it and redirect their visitors there.

3: New SDNY Case Points Out Need For Reform

Finally today, artists and photographers who thought they had found an end-run around much of the U.S. registration requirement were sorely disappointed this week. Artists who had used Corbis to bundle their works and register them under Corbis’ name, with an agreement the rights would refer back to the photographer after registration, have had their approach shot down in court and their registrations invalidated. The judge in the case did recognize that, though constrained by the law, the law was probably not the best thought out and likely in need of reform.


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