3 Count: Lemon and Lime

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1: LimeWire Liable For Music Copyright Infringement

First off today, file sharing service LimeWire has lost its long-running legal battle with the record labels. The company was found vicariously liable for infringement committed using its software. In addition to the company itself, the CEO of LimeWire, Mark Gorton, was found personally liable for at least some of the infringement. The LimeWire site continues to operate and a hearing has been scheduled for June to determine what action should be taken next, including a possible deal with the record labels or damages owed.

2: Pirate Bay Appeal Judges Cleared of Bias

Next up today, two of the three judges in The Pirate Bay appeal in Sweden have been cleared of bias allegations despite their involvement with pro-copyright organizations. This clears the way for oral arguments in the appeal of last year’s civil and criminal convictions of the four Pirate Bay founders. Similar bias allegations were filed against the original trial judge, who was cleared as well, but only after the first investigator was removed from the case on similar grounds as well.

3: German Court Orders Wireless Passwords for All

Finally today, if you have an open wi-fi in Germany, be prepared to pay 100 Euro. A court in Germany recently ruled that, if you fail to access your wi-fi point and someone uses it to download infringing materials, you can be fine 100 Euro for failing to secure your access point. This came after a musician sued an Internet user for downloading and sharing a song, only to learn the user was on vacation at the time of infringement.


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