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1: Google Attorney Slams ACTA Copyright Treaty

First off today, Daphne Keller, a senior policy counsel at Google has joined up with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Public Knowledge and other public interest groups to vocally oppose the upcoming ACTA treaty. The treaty, according to Keller, will increase the liability for internet service providers, including possibly Google and create a form of copyright “imperialism”. The comments came at the Legal Frontiers in Digital Media conference, where Keller was speaking.

2: Nintendo Implementing Stronger Anti-Piracy Measures in 3DS

Next up today, as Nintendo prepares to launch the 3DS, the next in its line of handheld gaming devices, it has announced that it is planning much tougher anti-piracy measures. It’s current portable gaming system, the DS, has been plagued with piracy resulting in a loss of sales, in particular in Asia and Europe. It is unclear what these measures will be though firmware updates are largely expected to be a part of the proposed solution.

3: Saving a penny — pirating the Humble Indie Bundle

Finally today, Wolfire, an independent gaming studio and the company behind the “Humble Indie Bundle”, a collection of five games plus a free gift at a price determined by the buyer, However, according to the company, at least 25% of the bundle’s downloads were pirated, not counting copies distributed on bittorrent and other file sharing networks, this despite the fact the entire bundle can be purchased for a penny and proceeds can go to charity. The company said it is not planning on taking any action against pirates, the games are currently easy to download without payment and are available without DRM, but Wolfire did ask pirates to use bittorrent or other file sharing networks to spare the company’s bandwidth.


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