3 Count: Survey Says

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1: Survey: Hollywood Won’t Compete With Piracy Until It’s Gone

First off today, the Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft (AFACT) has responded to a survey in the country that fond a majority of pirates were willing to pay for copyrighted works. They said that the most common price listed for a movie, $2, was a “unrealistic ask” and that the only way the industry will work to compete with pirated services if such services disappeared. The survey was of some 7,000 Web users who admitted to illegally downloading or streaming content on the Internet.

2: Copyright Law Must be Relaxed, Says New Group

Next up today, a coalition of Librarians, digital activists, ISPs, music managers and other associations have come together to create a list of demands for the EU they call Copyright for Creativity. The declaration calls for the harmonizing of copyright exemptions across the EU, allowing more reuse under the law and carving out greater exemptions for researchers and other scientists. Signatories of the declaration include the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Open Rights Group

3: A Copyright Violation???

Finally today, the band Elsinore, which is preparing to release its new album “Yes Yes Yes”, has found itself the subject of a copyright dispute. The Estate of Roy Lichtenstein:has sent the band a cease and desist notice over the cover art for its new album, saying it bears too strong a resemblance to one of Lichtenstein’s paintings. The band does not deny the similarity, but says that they simply sourced their painting from the same place Lichtenstein appropriated his work, a graphic novel. The band is currently debating what its next step should be.


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