3 Count: Bank Robbery

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1: Songwriters: Piracy “Dwarfs Bank Robbery,” FBI Must Act

First off today, the Songwriter’s Guild of America made its wishes known to the Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator in the White House, Victoria Espinel, as part of her public feedback request. According to the SGA online piracy should be a higher priority for the FBI and other enforcement agencies as the economic impact is greater than bank robbery and other crimes that the guild feels gets more attention. They are encouraging the FBI to go after heavy file sharers both criminally and civilly.

2: Fox News, Rupert Murdoch… All Pirates

Flickr user Orvatli is upset with Fox News after the news channel began using his photos taken of the volcanic eruption in Iceland on their site without permission or payment. Orvatli has sent Fox News an invoice for the use of his images, but has received no response. The follows a similar case involving misuse of Orvatli’s work by the blog Gizmodo, which paid him some for the use of his images, and as Fox News owner and media mogul Rupert Murdoch is taking an aggressive stance against infringement of his content on the Web.

3: Rapper Sues Lil Wayne For “Lollipop”, Claims Copyright Infringement

Finally today, Rapper Lil Wayne, who is currently incarcerated in New York’s Rikers Prison, has been sued by Philadelphia rapper Dirahn Gilliams, who claims that Wayne’s hit song “Lolipop” used elements from his song “Grinding Like A Goon”. The suit also names producers Jonsin and Deezle in the suit as well as Lil Wayne’s labels.


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