3 Count: Fairly Used

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1: Study: Fair Use Contributes Trillions to U.S. Economy

First off today, a new study by the trade group, Computer & Communications Industry Association found that fair use, which is legalized of copyrighted material under certain conditions, contributes some $4.7 trillion in revenue each year, adding $2.2 trillion to the GDP and $1.2 trillion in payroll. However, other recent studies have cautioned against making broad estimations about copyright’s effect on the economy, including the negative impacts of piracy, but it is interesting to see numbers on the other side of the mix.

2: Avatar Most Pirated Blu-ray Film Ever

Next up today, Avatar has broken a record, though probably not one it wanted. Following the release of the DVD and Blu-Ray editions of the movie last week, Avatar’s Blu-Ray edition was downloaded illegally some 200,000 times, making it the most pirated Blu-Ray move of all time. Blu-Ray, due to larger file sizes and slower adoption, has been slow to take off as a piracy format and the numbers still pale in comparison DVD downloads. But this has shown that Blu-Ray piracy is a growing problem.

3: Twitter Removes Tweet After DMCA Complaint

Finally today, a music blogger named JeanPierre Chigne had a tweet removed from his Twitter stream by a DMCA notice. The tweet linked to a blog post of his that, in turn, linked to a music file he had obtained for free and uploaded elsewhere. The takedown has raised many questions about the process but, without knowing who sent the notice, it is hard to say why the notice was filed or what the goal of it was. More on this later today.


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