3 Count: Eircom Can

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1: Filesharers to Have Internet Cut

First off today, an Irish high court has given approval to allow local ISP Eircom to go ahead with its plan to cut off file sharers after two warnings, known as a “three strikes” or “graduated response” regime. The judge said that there was nothing disproportionate about cutting off one’s access after two warnings and that there were adequate safeguards in place to prevent abuse of the system. Opponents of the system fear that it may cause more ISPs in Ireland to adopt a similar approach.

2: Copyright Bill to be Tabled This Spring: Heritage Minister

Next up today, Canada’s Heritage Minister, James Moore, announced that the Federal government there will soon be unveiling its new copyright legislation, after almost a year of public commentary. The revised legislation, of which very little is known, follows a failed attempt to reform copyright laws in the country due to a public outcry. The only thing that is known for certain at this time is the government will not extend the levy now paid on blank CDs to MP3 players.

3: Is Piracy Really Killing The Music Industry? No!

Finally today, Torrentfreak has an article that crunches the numbers and asks whether piracy is what is hurting the music industry. It finds that the format shift, from CD to digital downloads, is doing more to hurt the industry than piracy and that digital download sales are exploding even as CD sales continue to fall. This is compared to Germany where physical CD sales remain strong and overall revenues have declined only slightly. Whether you agree with it or not, it is an important article to read.


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