Myows 4 Steps API Challenge

Copyright non-repudiation service Myows announced an API challenge for developers last week. The idea is that the developer who generates the best plug-in, add-on or standalone application for their API, meeting the criteria in the announcement, will a prize, namely an Apple iPad.

The runner up will also receive an iPad and all of the applications will also be put before a jury of “industry heavyweights” to award a jury’s prize of $1,000.

Specifically, any submitted application or plugin must do the following three things:

  1. Use the new Myows API to develop a plug-in, add-on or stand alone application that assists other Myows members in registering, protecting and/or managing their rights
  2. Develop this solution in a way that allow users to access key functionality in 4 steps or less
  3. Implement your code and design with integrity, simplicity and elegance

If you are interested in competing, Nettuts+ has two videos to help you along. The first shows you how to register a new application and the second how to build a very basic app.

For those interested in competing, the deadline is May 15. One can submit an application by posting to the API category in the Myows forum. Public voting will take place between the 15th and the 31st and the jury award sometime after that.

I look forward to seeing what interesting applications people come up with for this challenge. Personally, I am hoping for a good WordPress plugin.

Disclosure: I am a paid consultant for Myows.

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