3 Count: Bogus Info

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1: GAO Piracy Report: A Deeper Look

First off today, the U.S. Government Accountability Office has released a report calling into question nearly all the earlier reports on piracy including those that have been funded by the movie and software industries. According to the GAO, determining the economic impact of piracy is nearly impossible as it is both difficult to track the amount of pirated content being traded and determine how many of those downloads equal lost sales. The report also hinted at some economic benefits of piracy, including industries that gain from piracy in another.

2: Advocates warn court of Viacom’s “dangerous” DMCA proposals

Next up today, a group of public interest groups have filed a brief in the Viacom/YouTube case saying that Viacom’s claims about how safe harbor protections apply to YouTube may be dangerous. Safe harbor protects hosts, such as YouTube, from being liable for copyright infringement so long as they had no actual knowledge of infringement, However, Viacom is claiming that YouTube employees during the early days did have actual knowledge of infringement and didn’t do enough to respond. The brief, however, claims that Viacom is trying to expand the notion of actual knowledge in a way that could endanger other services.

3: Canada Gets Official Party Party

Finally today, Canada has become the first non-European nation to get an official Pirate Party. Though PIrate Parties have been started in many nations, including the U.S. and Turkey, Canada is the first party not in Europe to become government-recognized and able to field candidates, which it plans to do in the next Federal election.


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