3 Count: Happy 300!

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1: File-Sharers Safe Until Music Biz Change Laws

First off today, Norwegian file sharers can breathe a sigh of relief though maybe not for long. The IFPI and Norwegian rights group TONO have announced a shift in their strategy away from litigation to lobbying for stronger laws and enforcement. This comes after a series of legal defeats in trying to force ISPs in the country to block The Pirate Bay. The groups are looking toward the UK and the Digital Economy Bill there as an example of how future action should be taken.

2: Copyright Violation Alert Ransomware in the Wild

Next up today, malware is now using piracy to extort money from unwitting victims. Pretending to be from the imaginary ICPP Foundation, the alert states that pirated content has been found on the PC and offers a “settlement” offer of about $400. The ransomware doesn’t lock up the computer but any attempts to close the fake warnings produces other warnings stating that this is viewed as a rejection of the settlement. The malware is also location-aware, changing language and names as appropriate.

3: Copyright 1710-2010 “For the Encouragement of Learning”

Finally today, April 10 marked the 300th anniversary for copyright law. The world’s first modern copyright law, the Statute of Anne, was signed into law by the British Parliament on April 10, 1710. Though not the absolute first copyright law, it was the first modern one to focus on authorship of a work. The British Council is using the anniversary to strike a debate about the past and future of copyright.


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